Orignal Boho Gorgeous Hair Straightener

7,500.00 4,000.00

  • Best Product for Hair Styling
  • Hair Straight in just 30 Seconds GUARANTEED
  • Hold your iron upside down & vertically.
  • Turn the iron away from your face to create the first bend
  • roviding you with the basic features that make this product perfect for everyday use
  • This is the first iron to be produced by the brand
  • it has become an award-winning straightener
  • it’sbeing used by both professionals and home users

It has ceramic heaters that eliminate damage, allowing you to use it every day without the worry of making your hair dry and frizzy. While regular irons only make your hair coarser and drier, in the long run, this product will give you perfectly straight, shiny, and healthier hair. Ceramic plates also heat up faster than regular irons, allowing you to style your hair at a fraction of the time. The round barrel also gives this iron versatility, giving it the capacity to straighten hair, make curls, waves, and easy flips. The fact that this dryer has 1″ plates and is dual voltage makes it the perfect travel companion. Simply place it in your bag and use it in any country you travel to. The only disadvantage to this GHD Classic is the lack of heat settings. It heats up to its maximum temperature, giving you no capacity to use it in a lower setting.


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